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September 2014 - daniellisson.com

Maya Hayuk – Screen Print Edition

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maya hayuk print

In late august I was commissioned to make a screen print of a work of Maya Hayuk.

Maya came to cologne for her solo show “ALLES KLAR” at the gallery “Die Kunstagentin”. So I had the pleasure to meet her in person and to work with her.

We spent three super-intense and crazy long days in my studio to come up with a five-colored screen print. Maya painted the films for the screens by hand and spray painted each and every print individually. I used translucent and fluorescent colors that produce a large variety of bright shades.

maya hayuk print maya hayuk print maya hayuk print maya hayuk print maya hayuk printThe edition by the name “MULTIVERSES” was released on the after show party at the “ARTY FARTY Artspace & Bar”. This fine ass screen print edition is limited to 50 pcs and available at ARTY FARTY. You need to see the gigantic mural Maya painted there as well. It’s AWESOME.

UMSE – Kunst für sich

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daniel lisson umse artwork

I was asked by Jakarta Records to do a limited artist edition for the vinyl release of Umse’s new album “Kunst für sich”.

I decided to do a screenprinted edition of 14 LPs. Once the illustrated portrait of Umse was ready, I prepainted the covers with acrylics and spraypaint. Afterwards I screenprinted the artwork onto the vinyl sleeves. All covers are already sold, no chance to buy them anymore …

daniel lisson umse cover daniel lisson umse artwork daniel lisson umse artwork